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Advice for GUYS… Slow down with texting!! (Video)

First off she’s eating and talking into the camera… she started off the video being super annoying, lol.

Look, don’t give advice for all men when YOU personally don’t like something. I don’t like a lot of things that happen but in the dating world it’s…

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Keeping In Touch After You Set Up The Date

So you’ve chatted with her online or you’ve gotten her number at the bar/club and you finally set up the date… BOOM!

You’re done, right?

Hahaha! I wish!

After you set up the date you must keep in touch with her daily, if not… every other day!

Whether it’s just a simple text saying something like, “Man, if I knew today was going to be this hot I would have NOT worn all black.”

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Feb 7

Texting Girls: Over Thinking Will Mess You Up

Feb 5

Responding to Girls Texts the Right Way (Blog Post)

Dec 5

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Texting VS Calling (Blog)

Oct 4

Keeping In Touch After You Set Up The Date