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Advice for GUYS… Slow down with texting!! (Video)

First off she’s eating and talking into the camera… she started off the video being super annoying, lol.

Look, don’t give advice for all men when YOU personally don’t like something. I don’t like a lot of things that happen but in the dating world it’s…

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Keeping In Touch After You Set Up The Date

So you’ve chatted with her online or you’ve gotten her number at the bar/club and you finally set up the date… BOOM!

You’re done, right?

Hahaha! I wish!

After you set up the date you must keep in touch with her daily, if not… every other day!

Whether it’s just a simple text saying something like, “Man, if I knew today was going to be this hot I would have NOT worn all black.”

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When to Respond to Her Texts

You always hear these weird theories on texting chicks, “Match her response rate.” or “Don’t text back right away, wait three days,” (when they get a number from the club). I break down why those myths are wack and why. I also explain a lot more about texting and that subject. 

Unbiased Review: Hydros Text Guide

A fellow PUA hit me up on Facebook asking me how to spark Attraction through text so I told him about my text guide - He later messaged me telling me that he’s going to write a review about it to let me and others know what he thinks. So here it is ;)  

1-on-1 Online Dating Coaching 

I recently asked hydro for some help and ideas for texting and he told me about his guide. it only cost $10 so i said “What the hell, why not give him a shot”

The guide has collaboration from Artisan. I liked that it was straight content right off the bat. no fluffers . I got it mainly because I needed fresh ideas to spark attraction, even though i don’t like having to rely on canned stuff.

Content: Over 200 texts, many funny and creative lines. I started cracking up as I began to read them. Fresh, never before seen stuff. Could have more , I got addicted. lol 4/5

Value: $10 I recommend for intermediates needing that extra NOS boost. No theory here so beginners might not fully grasp some concepts. 5/5

Originality & Creativity: I did not identify with some messages but I found that those guys were incredibly talented in seducing arts. Creative and funny in “sexy” way.

The only con was that it seemed rather short. Only 31 pages, but for the price it’s fair. 
Buy it if: You’re looking for more weapons in your arsenal and ur already solid in texting basics, or to get an idea on how u should be texting girls.

Hydro & Artisan earned my respect. :)

1-on-1 Online Dating Coaching 

My first email opened this morning ;)

Hey Hydro,

Wanted to thank you for your texting ebook. Your analysis on real text exchanges was so helpful because I found myself making similar errors that I now corrected. Through your ebook I learned how to initiate texts constantly with the same person without losing perceived value. I also learned how to generate momentum and rapport in a text conversation. Best of all I learned how to effectively time when to “pull the trigger”: ask for the date.

The dates rolled in constantly with different girls. I have a girlfriend right now as a result of the ebook. My girlfriend told me in retrospect that she anticipated having a great first date with me since she liked so much my style of texting! She even quoted one of my openers that I’d totally forgotten about (came straight out of the book). I want to say one more thing about the book… While I’m sure a lot of college aged people benefit from the book, I’m a middle aged professional, so the information in the book is effective for anyone.

Thanks again Hydro!


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